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60W Fast Charging Multi-function Charging Cable Storage Box

60W Fast Charging Multi-function Charging Cable Storage Box

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60W Fast Charging Multi-function Charging Cable Storage Box

Introducing the 60W Fast Charging Multi-function Charging Cable Storage Box—a versatile and efficient solution to declutter your charging space while providing fast and reliable charging for all your devices. This sleek storage box not only organizes your charging cables but also delivers 60W fast charging capabilities to keep your devices powered up in a neat and stylish manner.

Key Features:

  1. Fast Charging Hub: Experience the power of 60W fast charging. This multi-function charging cable storage box serves as a centralized hub for fast charging multiple devices simultaneously, ensuring your smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets get the power they need quickly.

  2. Organized Cable Storage: Say goodbye to cable clutter. The storage box is designed with compartments to neatly organize and store various charging cables, preventing tangling and making it easy to locate the right cable when you need it.

  3. Multi-Device Compatibility: With multiple USB ports and cable slots, this charging box is compatible with a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and more. It accommodates different charging cable types, offering versatility for various devices.

  4. Sleek and Compact Design: Elevate your charging station with a sleek and compact storage box. The modern design complements any workspace or home setting, adding a touch of sophistication while keeping your charging area tidy.

  5. Cable Management System: The cable management system ensures that charging cables are organized and easily accessible. Tuck away excess cable length within the storage box, maintaining a clean and clutter-free charging space.

  6. LED Charging Indicators: Stay informed about the charging status with LED indicators. The built-in LEDs provide visual cues, indicating when devices are charging and when they have reached a full charge, ensuring you are always aware of the charging status.

  7. Multi-Functionality: Beyond cable management and fast charging, this storage box serves as a multi-functional charging station. Use it as a dock for your devices, keeping them upright and easily accessible while charging.

  8. Compact and Portable: The compact design makes this storage box portable and easy to carry. Take it with you when traveling or working remotely, ensuring you have a tidy and efficient charging solution wherever you go.

  9. Anti-Slip Design: The anti-slip base ensures stability on any surface, preventing the storage box from sliding or tipping over. The secure placement adds an extra layer of convenience and safety to your charging setup.

  10. Efficient Cable Concealment: Conceal excess cable length within the storage box for a clean and organized look. The efficient cable concealment design contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal of your charging station.

Upgrade your charging experience with the 60W Fast Charging Multi-function Charging Cable Storage Box—a versatile and organized solution designed to simplify your charging routine. Enjoy the benefits of fast charging, cable management, and a sleek charging station that enhances the functionality and style of your workspace or home.


Transmission rate: 480Mbps
Product material: PVC+ABS
Product color: White, blue
Interface: USB, Lightning, Micro USB, TYPE-C
Output current:
C TO iPh / Micro: 2A
A TO iPh / Micro: 2A

Package Content

Data cable X1,Iphone/Android/Type-C interface X1, Card removal pin X1, digital box X1

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Customer Reviews

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Gregorio Armstrong

It's very compact and easy to use. Thank you

Rowan Homenick

It's very compact and easy to use. Thank you