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Bugs Finder Spy Gadgets Detector GPS Tracking GSM Card Locator Mini Cam Hidden Camera Pen Spy Wiretap Sound Signal Hunter Finder

Bugs Finder Spy Gadgets Detector GPS Tracking GSM Card Locator Mini Cam Hidden Camera Pen Spy Wiretap Sound Signal Hunter Finder

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Bugs Finder Spy Gadgets Detector GPS Tracking GSM Card Locator Mini Cam Hidden Camera Pen Spy Wiretap Sound Signal Hunter Finder

Introducing the Bugs Finder Spy Gadgets Detector—an advanced and compact device designed to enhance privacy and security by detecting hidden spy gadgets, GPS trackers, GSM cards, mini cameras, and wiretaps. This versatile Spy Gadgets Detector is your go-to tool for ensuring confidentiality and safeguarding against potential surveillance threats.

Key Features:

  1. Comprehensive Spy Detection: Uncover hidden threats with confidence. The Bugs Finder Spy Gadgets Detector employs advanced technology to scan and detect various surveillance devices, including hidden cameras, GPS trackers, GSM cards, mini cams, wiretaps, and other covert spy gadgets.

  2. Compact and Portable Design: Carry your privacy protection in your pocket. The compact and portable design of the Spy Gadgets Detector makes it easy to take with you wherever you go, ensuring that you can discreetly sweep and secure your surroundings at any time.

  3. Multi-Functional Detection Modes:

    • Radio Frequency (RF) Detection: Identify radio signals emitted by spy gadgets.
    • Camera Lens Detection: Uncover hidden cameras with precision.
    • GPS Tracker Detection: Safeguard against unauthorized tracking devices.
    • GSM Card Detection: Detect GSM cards commonly used in surveillance.
    • Wiretap Sound Signal Detection: Identify audio surveillance devices.
  4. User-Friendly Interface: Simplify security sweeps with an intuitive interface. The Spy Gadgets Detector features user-friendly controls and a clear display, allowing you to easily navigate through different detection modes and interpret results efficiently.

  5. Adjustable Sensitivity Levels: Fine-tune your detection capabilities. The adjustable sensitivity levels enable you to customize the device's responsiveness based on your specific security needs, ensuring optimal performance in various environments.

  6. Vibration and Audible Alerts: Stay discreet with silent detection. The Spy Gadgets Detector provides vibration and audible alerts when potential threats are detected, allowing you to discreetly address security concerns without drawing unnecessary attention.

  7. Rechargeable Battery: Stay powered and ready for action. The built-in rechargeable battery ensures that the Spy Gadgets Detector is always ready for use, providing long-lasting power for extended security sweeps.

  8. Wide Detection Range: Cover a broad spectrum of frequencies. The Spy Gadgets Detector has a wide detection range, making it effective in identifying various surveillance devices operating on different frequencies.

  9. Professional Privacy Protection: Whether you're concerned about your personal privacy, business confidentiality, or the security of sensitive information, the Spy Gadgets Detector offers a professional and comprehensive solution to safeguard against potential spying threats.

  10. Peace of Mind: Empower yourself with peace of mind. The Bugs Finder Spy Gadgets Detector gives you the confidence to protect your privacy and confidentiality, ensuring that you can operate in secure environments free from unwanted surveillance.

Enhance your security and privacy protection with the Bugs Finder Spy Gadgets Detector—a portable, multi-functional, and user-friendly device that empowers you to detect and counteract potential threats from hidden spy gadgets, GPS trackers, mini cameras, and more. Stay one step ahead in safeguarding your personal and professional space.

Alarm mode: display sound alarm
Charging interface: type-c
Sensitivity: 5 levels adjustable
Laser detection range: 5cm-10m
Material: PC
Detection frequency: 1-12000 (MHz)
Model: WT09
Work scope: 0.1-10 (m)
Product Size: 16*103mm
Product Weight: about 30g
Charging Interface: Type-C
Antenna: SMA interface Antenna
Antenna Gain: -14db
Power Supply: DC5V/1A
Battery: 3.7V/350mA Polymer lithium battery
Sensitivity: 5 levels
Receiving frequency range: 1MHz-6.5GHz
Signal Detection range: 5 cm~10 meter
Optical lens: Special filters
Laser detection range: 10 cm~15 Meter

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Customer Reviews

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Amelie Turcotte

Convenient to carry and useful like a pen

Weldon Osinski

Protecting privacy, ensuring security and reliability

Norbert Hoppe

Delicate in appearance and quick in response

Treva Bechtelar

Product easy to use

Merl Blick

High sensitivity