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Pocket Leather Version Power Bank Mini Lipstick

Pocket Leather Version Power Bank Mini Lipstick

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Pocket Leather Version Power Bank Mini Lipstick

The Pocket Leather Version Power Bank Mini Lipstick is a stylish and compact portable charger that combines fashion with functionality. Resembling a miniature lipstick tube, this power bank is designed for on-the-go charging, ensuring that your devices stay powered up in a sleek and trendy way.

Key Features:

  1. Pocket-Sized Elegance: The Pocket Leather Version Power Bank Mini Lipstick is crafted with a chic and pocket-sized design. Its sleek exterior, resembling a lipstick tube, adds a touch of elegance to your accessories while remaining compact enough to slip into your pocket or purse effortlessly.

  2. High-Capacity Charging: Despite its small size, this power bank packs a punch with a high-capacity battery, providing ample charging power for your smartphones, tablets, or other USB-powered devices. It ensures that you stay connected and powered up wherever your day takes you.

  3. Leather Exterior: The power bank features a leather exterior, adding a touch of sophistication and durability to its design. The leather not only enhances the device's aesthetics but also provides a comfortable and non-slip grip when handling.

  4. User-Friendly Operation: With user-friendly controls, the power bank is easy to operate. Most models come with a simple on/off button and LED indicators that display the remaining battery capacity, keeping you informed about the power bank's status.

  5. Universal Compatibility: The Mini Lipstick Power Bank is designed to be universally compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, tablets, Bluetooth headphones, and more. This versatility makes it a reliable charging companion for various gadgets.

  6. Fast Charging Technology: Equipped with fast charging technology, the power bank ensures that your devices charge quickly and efficiently. This feature is particularly valuable when you're in a hurry or dealing with devices with demanding power requirements.

  7. Portable and Lightweight: Weighing just a few ounces, this power bank is ultra-portable and lightweight. Its compact size and minimal weight make it an ideal travel companion, ensuring that you have a power source whenever and wherever you need it.

  8. LED Flashlight Feature: Some versions of this power bank may come with an additional LED flashlight feature, providing a handy tool for low-light situations or emergencies.

In summary, the Pocket Leather Version Power Bank Mini Lipstick is a stylish and functional accessory for those who prioritize on-the-go charging without compromising on aesthetics. With its compact size, high-capacity charging, and leather exterior, this power bank seamlessly blends fashion and utility for the modern lifestyle.

Product information:
Shell Material: Plastic
Size: 79*48 * 27mm
Style: portable ultra-thin compact business style
Rated capacity: 2700mAh
Input: DBS4500L: 5V/1.5A
Output: DBS4500L: 5V/1.5A

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Dejuan Bins

Perfect thank you

Wilfredo Padberg

Like it was advertised, excellent.

Kylee VonRueden

All right.

Eldridge Reichert

All right.

Petra Schroeder

All right.