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Wireless Wifi Endoscope HD Ear Cleaning

Wireless Wifi Endoscope HD Ear Cleaning

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Wireless Wifi Endoscope HD Ear Cleaning

The Wireless WiFi Endoscope HD Ear Cleaning device is a cutting-edge and versatile tool that offers a convenient way to inspect and clean your ears. This innovative endoscope combines high-definition imaging with wireless connectivity, providing a clear and detailed view of the ear canal for a safe and effective ear cleaning experience.

The endoscope is equipped with a high-resolution camera that captures clear, real-time images of the ear canal. The wireless WiFi feature allows seamless connectivity to a smartphone or tablet, turning your mobile device into a monitor. This not only provides a live view of the ear but also allows you to capture photos or record videos for future reference or consultation.

Designed with user-friendly features, the endoscope often comes with adjustable LED lights to illuminate the ear canal, ensuring optimal visibility during the ear cleaning process. The slim and flexible probe allows easy insertion into the ear, providing a comfortable and non-intrusive experience.

This wireless endoscope is not only suitable for personal use but can also be a valuable tool for healthcare professionals, audiologists, or individuals involved in ear care services. The portable and compact design makes it easy to carry and use in various settings.

The HD resolution of the endoscope ensures that you can spot earwax buildup, foreign objects, or any other issues with clarity, allowing for a targeted and efficient ear cleaning process. It provides a safe alternative to traditional ear cleaning methods, reducing the risk of injury or discomfort.

The Wireless WiFi Endoscope HD Ear Cleaning device is rechargeable, offering a cordless and hassle-free experience. The compatibility with mobile devices and the wireless connection make it a versatile and accessible tool for routine ear examinations and cleaning.

Whether you're maintaining your ear hygiene at home or conducting professional ear care services, this wireless endoscope provides a modern and effective solution for ear inspection and cleaning, ensuring a thorough and comfortable experience.

Product information:
Specifications: NE7 Black integrated spoon head, NE7 White integrated spoon head, NE7 Black integrated spoon headband 8-piece set, NE7 White integrated spoon headband 8-piece set
Material: ABS
Product Model: NE7 visual earpick
Single set size: 16.4*7 * 1.7cm
Operating frequency: 2.4g
Operating voltage: 3.7V
Maximum power: 0.3W
Barrel Material: ABS
Input interface: TYPE-C
Input parameters: 5V/0.2A
Product color: black/white
Power supply type: Polymer
Battery life: about 50 minutesWorking environment:-10-50 degrees
Battery capacity: 130mAh
Product Specification: 145mm long
Charging Interface: TYPE-C
Supporting Software: custom APP
Switch type: lamp head press switch
Working mode: long press for two seconds to power on/off
Charging and discharging protection: Built-in overcharging and overdischarging IC to prolong battery life
Charging mode: LED is flashing red when charging, red is always bright after being fully charged


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Customer Reviews

Based on 383 reviews
Dustin Hamill

The product is very nice, the camera shows the close. I saw what my eardrum is like :)))

Mina Bergnaum

I recommend a good seller

Jordi Denesik

Thank you very much, very beautiful

Timmothy O'Kon

France. Super gadget. It's a camera to look at the ears and all the rest. It works very well on the car too. It is possible to take photos, it is very convenient. Rechargeable and is used with the application delivered with. Nice!

Hailee Nitzsche

Very happy with the ear pick camera, I was actually surprised how good it work.
Very fast shipping, had the package almost after 6 days.